The first research results seminar was held on “Korean children panel data characteristics and ...

The first research results seminar was held on “Korean children panel data characteristics and exploration of factors related to panel sample attrition.”


Korea Institute of Child Care and Education (KICCE) held the first research results seminar as part of its 2022 major projects, “Comprehensive Analysis of the Panel Study on Korean Children (2008~2020) (led by Sook In Cho, Research Fellow) on August 30 (Tuesday). The seminar discussed “Korean children panel data characteristics and the exploration of factors of panel sample attrition,” hosted by Kim Ji Hyun, Research Fellow, KICCE.

The first topic was presented by Sook In Cho, Research Fellow, KICCE on “the exploration of characteristics of the panel study on Korean children,” which was about Korean Children Panel data characteristics for 2008~2020 and analysis results of trends of variables for 13 years. The second topic presentation was made by Prof. Lee, Sangin, Department of Information and Statistics, Chungnam National University on ‘Sample Attribution Analysis of Korean Children Panel,’ which discussed factors of types of sample attribution pattern.

Topic presentations were followed by the discussions of Lee Kyeongsang, Senior Research Fellow, National Youth Policy Institute and Nan Jue Kim, Research Fellow, Korea Women’s Development Institute, which sought ways of maintaining and managing Korean children panel, based on results of sample attrition analysis.

The second research results seminar is scheduled at the end of November with topics: i) Children’s use of media and peer relationship, ii) Parenting and child development, iii) Risk factors within households and physical and mental health, and iv) Analysis of impacts of free infant care, elementary education, and childcare policies.