Writing Contest Awards Ceremony Held on 「2022 Consulting Projects for Improving Postnatal Care」

On December 16th (Fri), 2022 at 2 pm in the KICCE conference room, the KICCE held the writing contest awards ceremony on 「2022 Consulting Projects for Improving Postnatal Care」 and a post-conference. Including Director Sanghui Park, Internal Research Staff and Health and Welfare Ministry Childbirth Policy Director Yeongjun Choi, Secretary Cheolsu Cho, Director Rokdam Baek, and a postnatal care center official were in attendance. 

At the awards ceremony, the grand prize went to Hyeonjeong Lee, healthcare manager at the Jeonnam Public Post-Natal Care Center 4, and the runner-up prizes went to Gwanghui Kim, healthcare manager at the Seogwipo Public Post-Natal Care Center, and Yeongi Seong, director of the Saebom Post-Natal Care Center. Participation prizes were awarded to Yanggu-gun Public Post-Natal Care Center Vice President Jian Shin, Cheolwon-gun Public Post-Natal Care Center Director Yoonsim Lee, and Future Post-Natal Care Center Head Nurse Haenam Kwon.  

The KICCE awarded certificates and prizes to the essay contest winners, and at the post-conference that followed, shared consulting experiences between the institutions participating in consulting projects, and collected opinions on improvements to be made.