The 2nd KICCE Policy Seminar of 2021

KICCE hosted the 2nd KICCE Policy Seminar of 2021 (topic: “The Future Early Childhood Education and Child Care System in Korea”) at 3 p.m. on September 30th (Thu) in the main conference room on the 9th floor of KICCE with Korean Federation of Teachers Union and the National Assembly. It was the first of many discussions to reform the future early childhood education and care system in Korea, co-hosted and co-organized by KICCE, Korean Federation of Teachers Union, and National Assembly members Byungwook Kim, Deukgu Kang, Jongmin Kim, Minjung Kang, Minseok Kim (Health and Welfare Committee Chairman), and Youngdeok Yoon (in alphabetical order).

Changhyun Park, head of the Future Education Research Team at KICCE, examined present issues and provided a mid- to long-term roadmap toward the future preschool system to achieve completely free education as the state responsibility through various discussions about the reform of the future early childhood education and child care system with focus on free child care, compulsory education, and integration of early childhood education and child care.

Jihye Yoon, Chairman of the National and Public Kindergarten Teachers Union, mentioned the change in early childhood education settings brought by the population change and decreased number of newborns and emphasized the need to talk about future preschools by implementing free child care and compulsory education.