KICCE Holds the 1st Research Advisory Committee Meeting

On July 22, 2022 (Fri) at the Main Meeting Room, KICCE held the 1st Research Advisory Committee meeting. The meeting was attended by: President Park, Sanghee, Head of Office of Planning and Coordination Lee, Yun-Jin, and Research Planning and Evaluation Team Leader Kim, Keun Jin from KICCE, and among the expert advisory panel, Professor Kwon, Hye Jin (President of the Korean Association of Child Care and Education), Professor Do, Mi Hyang (President of the Korean Parent Education Association), Professor Sohn, In Sook (Chief Director of Korean Society of Maternal and Child Health), Professor Lee, Byung-Nae (President of the Korea Open Association for Early Childhood Education), Professor Lee, Wanjeong (President of the Korean Association of Child Studies), and Professor Cho, Hyung-Sook (President of the Korean Society for Early Childhood Teacher Education). At the meeting, the president of the research advisory committee was elected for the year 2022, while basic and general research projects for the year 2023 were introduced. Next, a discussion session was held regarding the role of KICCE in performing policy agendas of the new administration. Lastly, opinions were collected on the topic of the ECEC Policy Research Ecosystem Network Forum to be held in the latter half of this year.  


The 2nd ECEC Policy Symposium of 2022
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