The 1st KICCE Policy Seminar of 2022

The Korea Institute of Child Care and Education (KICCE) held the first KICCE Policy Seminar on “the formation of a government-wide task force to integrate early childhood education and childcare to implement the government key project” on September 6 (Tuesday), p.m. 1:00 at international conference room, Sky Hall, 21th floor, Seoul Central Post Office. This forum was co-hosted by KICCE and the offices of members of National parliament, Seong, Iljong, Lee, Taekyu, Kang, Deukku, and Kang, Minjung. The opening remark of Park, Sanghee, president of KICCE was followed by celebratory remarks by members of National Parliament and Jang, Sangyun, Vice Minister of Education.

The forum was conducted in a free discussion format, chaired by Park, Changhyun, head of Future Education Research Team, KICCE. Discussants included Moon, Mi-Ok, president, Korea Solidarity for Early Childhood Education Representatives; Chung, Hyo-Chung, president, the Korea Association of Child Care and Education; Chung, Chung-hee, president of the Korean Society for Early Childhood Education; Lee, Kyungmee, president, the Korean of Public Kindergarten Teachers; Lee, Jungkyu, president, Korea Edu-care Association; Wee, Sungsoon, president, National Association of Private Kindergarten; Lee, Jaepil, president, Korea Association of Early Childhood Teachers; Lee, Hyeyeon, secretary general, Solidarity for Disabled Child Care; and Choi, Hyunju, vice president, World Without Worries about Shadow Education.

At the forum, the Ministry of Education made clear that it will establish a preparatory team to implement the integration of early child education and childcare, and that it will form a government-wide task force for early childhood education and childcare integration within this year to implement the major government policy. Most of discussants agreed on the necessity of immediately launching the task force led by the Ministry of Education. Furthermore, discussants emphasized that in forming the task force, a clear vision and goals for early childhood education and goals should be set, the best interest of childcare pursued, and quality education and childcare provided.