The 4th KICCE Policy Seminar of 2022

The Institute of Child Care and Education (Director Park Sang-hee) held the 4th KICCE Policy Seminar under the theme of the “Age of Decreasing School-age Population, the Status and Future Prospects for Public and Private Kindergartens in Seoul,” on October 15 (Sat) at 10 a.m. in its conference room on the 9th floor of the Seoul Central Post Office. This is a policy forum aimed at deriving the policy direction of the " Direction and Tasks for Sustainable Operation of Public Kindergartens in the Age of Decreasing School-age Population," a study consigned by the Seoul Metropolitan Council. In the discussion, strategies were proposed to strengthen the competitiveness of early childhood education and adapt to the future environment in the era of decreasing school-age population. Participants included, in particular, the following: Kim Gun-hyung, chairman of the Seoul branch of the Korean Association of Public Kindergarten Teachers; Chung Keum-sook, chairman of the Education Innovation Committee of the Korea Private Kindergarten Association; Park Da-som, vice chairman of the Infant Division of the Seoul Teachers' Union; Jang Hye-yeon, the representative teacher of the Federation of Early Childhood Teachers for the Improvement of Early Childhood Education; and Kim Hyun-sook, president of the National Association of Early Childhood Special Teachers. Additionally, a panel of three experts, namely, Sohn Hye-sook, chairman of the Association of Professors of Early Childhood Education at Korea University, Kwon Jung-yoon, chairman of the Professors' Council of Korea's 4-year Early Childhood Teacher Training College, and Lee Yoon-kyung, president of the National Parents' Association for True Education, participated in the discussion.