KICCE-Uijeongbu-LH hosted a resident participatory workshop to create the Childcare Cluster

The Korea Institute of Child Care and Education (KICCE), along with Uijeongbu and LH, co-hosted a workshop at Gosan Youth Center on August 19, 2023 (Saturday). The workshop aimed to establish the first 'Childcare Cluster' in the Gosan District, focusing on improving the care environment. This event was held to gather and incorporate the input of parents, who are the actual users, during the initial design phase of the Gosan 'Childcare Cluster'.


In May 2023, LH and Uijeongbu signed an agreement to implement the Childcare Cluster pilot project. This initiative aims to create a supportive environment for child rearing, particularly focusing on enhancing the care environment, to address the issue of low birth rates. LH intends to integrate care facilities into housing site development processes, establishing the 'Childcare Cluster' as a comprehensive model to provide care support for families with infants, toddlers, and elementary school children. KICCE, a national research institute, is providing research support for the creation model and operational plan of the 'Childcare Cluster' in collaboration with Junglim Architecture and LH. Uijeongbu is the potential site for the first 'Childcare Cluster', and KICCE plans to support the operation and seamless transition of facilities management from LH.

Around 30 parents of infants, toddlers, and elementary school children participated in the workshop, forming six groups to share their opinions for over three hours. The goal was to gather diverse opinions, with a focus on the needs and demands of families raising children or requiring care support. Participants were briefed on the 'Childcare Cluster' concept and installation plan, and they shared their child-rearing situations and challenges under the topic of 'Childcare in Uijeongbu'.

The outcomes of this workshop will be incorporated into KICCE's research, leading to a concrete model for the installation and operation of the 'Childcare Cluster', tailored to user needs.